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What to do about a gummy smile

A beautiful smile is one that is bright, balanced, and well-aligned. But what if your otherwise perfect smile is being overshadowed by excess gums? Also known as a “gummy smile,” this imbalance can have a negative effect on the appearance of the smile as a whole. In situations such as this, the team at Broadway Family Dentistry of Minot, ND may suggest an aesthetic procedure known as gum recontouring. 

How does gum recontouring work? 

With gum recontouring, patients who have excess gum tissue that makes their teeth appear short or result in an imbalance in gum tissue versus teeth can find a solution! During this procedure, the dentist will remove some of the gum tissue which not only reduces the amount seen when a patient smiles, but helps in lengthening the appearance of the natural teeth instead. This can create the harmony patients desire for achieving a more attractive look to the teeth and gums. 

With gum recontouring, laser recontouring is the most desirable solution. This is because the soft tissue lasers can minimize the amount of bleeding and swelling and ensures faster recovery and healing. The laser light also allows for more precision shaping of the gum tissues around the teeth and allows for patients to look and feel their best sooner following the procedure. 

What can I expect with gum recontouring? 

The procedure is done right in our office under the care and attention of our trained and experienced staff. Drs. Stanley Hirst and Bethany Jensen provide sedation if needed, and offer anesthetics to ensure patients are comfortable from start to finish. Patients relax in the treatment chair as we remove gum tissue and restore balance to the teeth and gums for a less “gummy” smile than before. This is a fast, effective, and affordable way to enhance the appearance of the smile and help patients regain the self-confidence they need each and every day! 

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