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What can I expect after tooth extraction services?

At Broadway Family Dentistry, Minot, ND area patients can obtain treatments such as dental extractions. There are many reasons why a patient may require extractions. Some patients need to have teeth extracted due to overcrowding, prior to obtaining orthodontic care. Others may need to remove a tooth that has been badly damaged from trauma or large cavities. Problems such as impacted wisdom teeth can also be addressed with extractions. The removal of a natural adult tooth can be done in one of two ways, and recover for each is different.

• Simple extraction. A simple extraction is just that: a simple procedure to quickly and easily remove a tooth. Simple extractions can only be done on teeth that have already erupted through the gum line. The dentist will use a specialized tool to safely wiggle and remove the tooth from the bone socket and remove it permanently. This often takes just a few minutes and is done with proper anesthetics and sedation for patient comfort.

• Surgical extraction. An alternative extraction is that of surgical extraction. If a tooth is impacted underneath the gum line, or the tooth has not erupted yet, surgical extraction is needed. This type of extraction is more invasive as it requires the dentist to cut into the gum tissue, remove the teeth from the bone, and suture the tissues.

Extractions performed surgically often require more recovery than those simply removed from the bone and gum socket. Patients who have surgical treatments will need to take pain medications for a few days after their treatment. They may receive special instructions on how to keep the treatment area clean as it heals. Simple extractions often do not require much special care outside of avoiding dry socket and infection. Aftercare instructions are given to patients following both types of treatment.

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