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Preparing for your upcoming tooth extraction procedure

When teeth are damaged beyond repair, a dentist may recommend the removal of an adult tooth. Additionally, teeth may be removed to prepare for certain procedures such as orthodontic treatment or the placement of a full denture. While a tooth extraction may sound painful and overwhelming, there are ways for patients to prepare themselves for their upcoming extraction procedure. Drs. Stanley Hirst and Bethany Jensen of Broadway Family Dentistry in Minot, ND encourage patients to consider the following recommendations for preparing for their treatment.

  • Undergo appropriate x-rays. The dentist will often start with x-rays to check the health of the teeth and gums prior to performing an extraction. These images allow the dentist to decide if extraction is necessary. If not, other procedures may be considered to repair the tooth.
  • Determine if the procedure is surgical or simple. A surgical extraction requires the dentist to cut into the gums and access a tooth that has not erupted through the surface. This is more invasive than a simple extraction, during which a dentist wedges a tooth out from the gums that is visible. The type of extraction will determine the healing and recovery time needed.
  • Take antibiotics prior to surgery if needed. Patients who have a weaken immune system or who have an infection at the time of the surgery may be prescribed antibiotics to take prior to undergoing treatment. It is essential that patients take these medications as prescribed to ensure a healthy and safe procedure.
  • Avoid surgery if sick. Patients who have developed an illness prior to having their procedure done will have to reschedule for another time when they are well.
  • Arrange transportation. In most cases, patients should arrange with a friend or family member to be transported to and from the dental office for their procedure.

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