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How to choose the right toothpaste

You may have noticed the wide array of products available in the local drugstore’s oral care aisle. This can be overwhelming for many patients who are not quite sure the best products for their unique dental health needs. When it comes to choosing a toothpaste, you may find yourself perplexed as to why one is a different cost than another. Choosing the right toothpaste and other oral care products is vital to ensuring a healthy smile. If you are interested in learning more about selecting items that will meet your needs, continue reading on!

What types of specialized toothpastes are available?

Drs. Stanley Hirst and Bethany Jensen of Minot, ND’s Broadway Family Dentistry work regularly with patients to help them choose a toothpaste that meets their needs. There are certain specialized toothpastes that patients might find. These include toothpastes with added benefits, including those for patients who are seeking:

  • Enamel restoration
  • Whitening toothpastes
  • Toothpastes for sensitive teeth
  • Fluoride toothpastes
  • Dry mouth toothpastes
  • Periodontal toothpaste
  • Gum sensitivity toothpastes
  • Antimicrobial toothpaste
  • Tartar control toothpaste

Each of these have specific benefits, but which one is most important for you? It is best that patients choose a toothpaste that has fluoride and is approved by the American Dental Association. You’ll know this by the seal on the toothpaste packaging. We encourage patients to talk to their dentist about the various toothpaste varieties and which one will benefit their smile the most. Patients have certain conditions such as sensitive teeth or dry mouth will often be encouraged to consider specific toothpaste varieties at the store. In some instances, the dentist may also provide a prescription toothpaste for the patient to use to get certain conditions under control at home between visits.

Are you in need of your routine dental visit?

Contact the team at Broadway Family Dentistry of Minot, ND to learn more about choosing the right toothpaste products and keeping your teeth clean between visits. The office is located at 1839 South Broadway Street, and an appointment with Dr. Stanley Hirst or Dr. Bethany Jensen can be scheduled by calling the front office team at (701) 839-1299.

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