bruxismBruxism (or teeth grinding) is a common condition, but many people aren’t even aware that they do it. Grinding your teeth can cause irreparable tooth damage or other health complications. That’s why it’s important to identify the signs of teeth grinding and the ways to overcome it.

To determine if you might be grinding your teeth, check for symptoms first thing in the morning. That’s  because teeth grinding occurs at night. Signs that you may be a teeth grinder include:

  • Sore jaw
  • Gum inflammation (gingivitis)
  • Sensitive teeth when eating or drinking hot or cold food and beverages
  • Dull, persistent headache
  • Sores inside your cheeks

If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms, consider the following tips to abolish teeth grinding once and for all:

  • Cut out caffeine. Partaking in beverages that contain caffeine, such as soda, coffee and energy drinks will make you unable to relax your body and mind, and can make it hard for you to relax your jaw.
  • Chew on food and only food. Many people absentmindedly chew on pens or pencils when they’re concentrating or feel stressed. Put a stop to this practice and opt for a stick of gum or a mint to help retrain your brain to keep the chewing to foods alone.
  • Use a mouth guard. Ask your dentist about the type of mouth guard he recommends, whether it’s provided by him or purchased over the counter. Wearing a mouth guard is an effective way to deter you from grinding your teeth while you sleep.
  • Reduce stress. Helpful stress relievers include spending time with friends, eating a balanced diet to curb irritability, and going to bed and waking up at the same time each day to maintain a healthy and stable energy level.

To learn more about how to eliminate teeth grinding, contact Dr. Stanley Hirst, DDS, and Bethany Jensen, DDS, at Broadway Family Dentistry today by calling 701-839-1299. We look forward to hearing from you!

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